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            網址:http://www.specialfordjs.com 手機頁面二維碼 2019-04-09 14:26:24    


            Disposable tableware is the product of fast-paced life, but at present, the quality and hygiene of disposable tableware is really worrying. From the perspective of environmental protection and well-being, it is suggested that disposable tableware should be used as little as possible.
            Disposable lunch boxes contain a large amount of industrial calcium carbonate, paraffin and so on. Long-term use of disposable lunch boxes containing a large amount of industrial calcium carbonate will do great harm to human body. These disposable plastic lunch boxes, heated by hot water, microwave oven or even food at a slightly higher temperature, will add chemicals in the lunch box and food contained in water, vinegar, oil and other dissolve each other, with food into the human body, resulting in indigestion, abdominal pain and liver diseases. It is worth noting that industrial calcium carbonate contains a lot of heavy metals - lead, which also has great harm to the digestive tract and nervous system of human body. Especially children, who are in the development stage, may have an impact on the nervous system after ingesting a lot of lead, such as hyperactivity disorder.
            Disposable paper cup fluorescent agent, heavy metals exceed the standard. When using disposable paper cup, we will find that some paper cups collapse as soon as water is added. If hot water is filled, there is a pungent smell. If you encounter these "abnormal conditions", clarify that the cup contains toxic substances. Usually, poor paper cups have impurities on the outside, the cups are very soft, and because benzene and heavy metals exceed the standard, they emit a pungent odor of ink. Most disposable cups sold on the market are printed with various patterns on the mouth and bottom of the cup, some of which are even directly connected with the mouth of the cup. When we drink water with a cup, our lips frequently touch the cup mouth, and the ink on the printing pattern may enter the human body, which is very unhealthy to our health.
            However, with the appearance of disposable corn starch tableware, this situation has been effectively controlled. Corn starch tableware is green, natural and non-toxic, and natural degradation does not produce pollution. It is the future development direction of disposable tableware. As we all know, if a large number of paper tableware are consumed in China's forest resource-poor countries, it will undoubtedly bring the burden of the city to our forest resources. Pulping and papermaking itself is the pollution of water resources, so it also increases the pressure of environmental management! Starch-based disposable tableware, non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, can be decomposed in natural conditions, from consumption to abandonment of the whole process of pollution-free, has been generally accepted by people, its common performance has become an incomparable alternative product.
            This article is supported by disposable corn starch tableware. For more details, please click on our official website http://www.specialfordjs.com. We will provide you with satisfactory service wholeheartedly.